Independence Day


Independence Day — “Old Glory” — This week marks the 10th anniversary of taking this pic, so I thought I’d share it one more time. I’ve used many renditions of it in the past, but this is the original shot.

The flag was painted on the side of a barn in Hanover, PA but was painted over shortly after I took my shots. So very glad I did stop off on the side of the road to do so, as it has proven to be one of my personal favorites.

Happy 4th of July!



Repost/Reprocess — I’m having a great time going through older images and watching my growth as a photographer over the years. However, I’m having to reprocess a lot of my older posts on Flickr because I can’t seem to find my original files from way back when. It’s really working out ok though, because I wasn’t nearly as adept as post-processing or even simple organization of my photos. (Hence, not being able to locate it!)

Faces West


The Old Masonic Temple in Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey, United States, is a historic building built in 1793 at the corner of Front and Willow streets near the New Jersey State House, and across the street from the Old Barracks.