Williamson, WV – 2005

Williamson by Unflux

Thanks so much to my cousin for the words of confidence and approval for my photo work! “Keep on snappin’!” she says. Well…I think I will.

I have missed this feeling, this energy, this rush I get as I create and approve my own work. That feeling has been missing for quite some time, and I warmly welcome it’s return.

As for WV, I’ve talked about going back there one day and taking shots of the old train yards, tunnels, and bridges. An old coal mining town seems a perfect subject for more shots like the attached. I will do just that, should I get the chance again. When we were there in 2005 for MawMaw, I wasn’t really all that into photography at the time. Though, I managed to get one of my all time personal favorite pictures from that day. The above image ranks in my personal all time “best of.”

Photography is a wonderful medium, and settles my creative outlet.

I plan to keep snappin’…definitely.

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